At Whelan Financial, you can trust that you’re working with a team of financial advisors and planners who are focused on securing your financial future.


Vincent J. Whelan, CFP®

Founder & President, Senior Advisor
B.A. Sociology, College of the Holy Cross, 1972

Vin founded Whelan Financial in 1988 and continues to be the heart and soul behind the firm’s culture. Leading under the notion “creative thinking first, critical thinking second,” Vin perpetuates forward movement. His affinity for change, paired with his steadfast determination, creates an environment where visions come to fruition. While the firm continues to grow under his leadership, the core governing principle has remained the same: our clients’ needs come before our own.


Portia L. White, CFP®

Vice President, Partner, Senior Advisor
B.A. Philosophy, California State University Fresno, 2004 (Summa Cum Laude)

Portia, Vice President and Partner, came to Whelan Financial in 2004 with an insatiable willingness to learn, and has maintained that spirit throughout her tenure. With over a decade of experience, Portia continues to push the envelope in financial planning, extensively studying Social Security and Medicare planning.

She is deeply dedicated to the well-being of her clients and works diligently to ensure that their financial needs are met. A natural leader and mentor, Portia has been instrumental in the mentorship of up-and-coming team members, as well as an active mentor in the Fresno community. She is a wellspring of energy that has brought about a new level of service and financial planning to this practice.


Taylor J. Whelan, CFP®

Investment Advisor Representative
B.A. Philosophy, Santa Clara University, 2008

At Whelan Financial, we aim to hire and retain elite Fresno talent. Having recruited Taylor as an advisor is one of our most proud accomplishments. Taylor came to us from Wellington Management in Boston, and with his years of experience, immediately impacted the firm. His integrity, remarkable financial aptitude, and limitless positivity have helped to propel Whelan Financial forward.

When Taylor isn’t meeting with his own clients, he is instrumental in business development, conducting investment research, and advancing our technology. His genuine enjoyment in helping each client is only matched by his enthusiasm for the growth of our firm.


Stephen C. Detweiler, CFP®

Investment Advisor Representative
B.A. Mathematics, California State University, Fresno 2009

With a background in mathematics, Stephen’s analytical mind and ability to grasp and apply complex data continues to be an invaluable asset to Whelan Financial. Our clients are drawn to Stephen. His unfaltering dedication and ability to pare down complex topics into clear and concise bits of information demonstrate both heart and mental fortitude. Stephen’s abilities have earned him respect from both clients and peers alike.

When Stephen is not meeting with his own clients, he oversees day-to-day trading operations and is integral in providing research in the areas of investment and financial planning. Stephen’s exceptional work ethic is matched only by his efforts to provide clients with the advice they need to confidently move forward in their financial endeavors.


Kasandra A. Silva

Client Services Coordinator
B.A. Communications, Westmont College, 2011, (Cum Laude)

Kasandra began working for Whelan Financial in 2012. It didn’t take long for her unique blend of intelligence, integrity and energy to shine bright. Kasandra has shown mastery in her approach for even the most complex client service issues and is a great mentor to others on the Client Services team. Kasandra is the embodiment of the Whelan Financial culture with a client first mentality and the drive to be the best.

She has many responsibilities and has shown an uncanny ability to handle everything that is thrown her way. Serving primarily as a manager for the Client Services team, Kasandra also has a hand in all client and prospect facing materials. Kasandra has a special connection with clients and coworkers alike and is valued member of the Whelan Financial Team.


Heather Thomas

Client Services Specialist

From her first day, Heather brought her immense cheerfulness to Whelan Financial. She is delightfully positive, aims to please, and is eager to learn. She works diligently each day, then attends school full-time in the evenings and is on track to graduate with honors. It is not infrequent that books are read and papers are written during her lunch hour. She accomplishes all of this with great aplomb and happiness.

As a Client Services Specialist, Heather is responsible for monitoring the needs of more than 60 clients. She is also instrumental as an assistant in trading, and can always be counted on to help her fellow team members.


Riana H. Whelan, RP®

Client Services Specialist
B.S. Psychology, California State University Fresno, 2014

Riana joined Whelan Financial in 2014 as a dedicated Client Services team member. Her light-hearted nature and witty quips bring laughter and positive energy to those around her.

Riana rises to the challenges of her day-to-day responsibilities with prompt attention and dedication. She has demonstrated a commitment to furthering her work-related education in recently attaining a Registered ParaplannerSM designation. In addition, Riana’s outgoing personality and keen eye has contributed to the Whelan Financial Facilities, Services and Events Committee.


André De Jong, RP®

Client Services Specialist
M.A. Reading Development and Childhood Education, California State University Fresno, 2014
B.A. English, California State University Fresno, 2011

André joined the Whelan Financial team at the beginning of 2015 as our receptionist. From the moment she walked in, André has left nothing but smiles in her wake. Her good nature and team-oriented attitude has endeared her to both the clients and her coworkers.

André’s intelligence and eagerness to learn made for a natural transition to the Client Services Team. She has gone on to attain her Registered ParaplannerSM designation and now serves as a Client Services Specialist.


Hannah M. Janigian

Client Services Representative 
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
University of Colorado Boulder, 2016

Hannah instantly fit into the Whelan Financial culture when she joined the team in 2016. Two things were immediately clear, Hannah has heart and she has hustle. She walks with intention and is dedicated to accomplishing whatever is asked of her accurately and efficiently.

Hannah is a delight to work with and serves as our newest Client Services Representative.


Lori N. Ong

Client Services Representative
B.S. Biology, California State University Fresno, 2012 (Cum Laude)

Lori has been a wonderful new addition to Whelan Financial joining the team at the beginning of 2017 as a Client Services Representative. Her sharp mind, “can do” spirit, impeccable work ethic, and six years of financial services experience, made Lori an instant value-add to the firm.

Lori is kind and eager to assist both the clients she serves and her peers. She is energized about furthering her education and has begun her studies towards becoming a Registered ParaplannerSM.


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